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[vsolj-alert 829] GRB 001109

GRB 001109


BeppoSAX MAIL n. 00/29: GRB001109: BeppoSAX/NFI Observations

A BeppoSAX TOO observation (20 ksec) of GB001109 has started about 16
hours after the GRB.
Preliminary analysis of the first three orbits shown a
bright and unknown source in the MECS(1.6-10 keV) image.

The position is:

RA = 277.525
Delta = 55.309

The error radius is 1.5 arcminutes.

At this stage still we don't detect an unambiguous fading behaviour of
this X-ray source.

G. Gandolfi
on behalf of BeppoSAX Mission Scientist

 Luigi Piro                        | E-mail:
 Istituto Astrofisica Spaziale     |              piro@ias.rm.cnr.it
 C.N.R.                            | SAX program: saxsci@ias.rm.cnr.it 
 Via Fosso del Cavaliere           | phone: -39-06-4993-4007 
 I-00133 Roma                      | phone BeppoSAX center: -39-06-4079-6393
 Italy                             | fax(CNR)  : -39-06-20660188

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