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[vsolj-alert 791] VSNET Weekly News

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Jun 27 04:48 JST 2000
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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:35:03 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 255] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  LD 317		(RA = 23h44m57.4s, Dec = +43d31m21.9s)

    As introduced by Kinnunen in vsnet-chat 3145, LD 317 is a very 
  good CV candidate.  T. Kato recommended this star as the long-term 
  monitoring program (vsnet-campaign 244).  Time-resolved photometry 
  to look for flickering activity is also welcomed.

  W Com			(RA = 12h21m31.5s, Dec = +28d13m57.6s)

    Mike Simonsen reports the brightening of the blazar W Com 
  on 23 June at 13.8 mag (vsnet-campaign-blazar 3).  S. O'Connor 
  confirmed the outburst on 24 June at 14.20 mag (vsnet-campaign-blazer 4).
  Now it is still in bright state.

  RX J1450.5+6403	(RA = 14h50m38.4s, Dec = +64d03m29s)
    E. Pavlenko reported this SU UMa star was brightened up to R=14.8 
  on 25/26 June, and the mean magnitude of 24/25 June was R=16.6 
  (vsnet-campaign 252).  This SU UMa star was discovered by T. Vanmunster 
  on 2000 May, and at peak, 13.4 mag was recorded on 15 May.
    Time-series photometry and other observations are encouraged 
  to clarify the nature of the current outburst.

  Supernova 2000cr	(RA = 13h58m38.4s, Dec = +37d26m12.9s)

    H. Yamaoka forwarded the contents of IAU Circular 7443. 
  The SN (currently about 17 mag) is located at about 4" east and 45" 
  north ot the nucleus of the interacting spiral galaxy NGC 5395 with 
  NGC 5394.  The object is superimposed on the bright H II region.  
  The spectroscopy by CfA group has revealed that it is of type II in 
  the early epoch.  It is consistent that it appeared in the probable
  star forming region (vsnet-campaign-sn 2).

(continuous targets)
  V803 Cen		(RA = 13h23m44.5s, Dec = -41d44m30.1s)

    This helium dwarf nova had shown repetitive strong oscillation 
  (vsnet-campaign 236).  W. S. G. Walker reported the brightening to 
  13.2 mag during 18 - 19 June with his CCD photometry (vsnet-campaign 235).
  The object declined to 14.2 or 14.1 mag during 20 - 21, and then, 
  showed brightening again on 22 June (13.3 mag, by B. Monard) 
  (vsnet-campaign 245).  The present state resembles that observed
  in early April, 2000 (vsnet-campaign 251).
    The frequent monitorings and the time-series photometry are 

  CI Aql		(RA = 18h52m03.6s, Dec = -01d28m38.9s)

    The fading of CI Aql has become slower.  Short-term light 
  variations have become less prominent.  This may resemble a "plateau" 
  stage observed in the later stage of recurrent nova outbursts 
  (vsnet-campaign 237).  No apparent fading was observed from 12 June 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 2).  The June 19 and 20 data observed by S. Kiyota 
  show the evidence of secondary and primary eclipses, though irregular 
  variations are also superimposed (vsnet-campaign-nova 4).
    Observations of eclipses, full-phase light curve and spectroscopy are
  strongly needed.

  XTE J1118+480		(RA = 11h18m10.9s, Dec = +48d02m12.9s)

    The source keeps the very slowly declining (vsnet-campaign 239).
  In the averaged light curve during JD2451710 - 2451720, we can see 
  some possible feature not ever seen, that is, the smaller amplitude 
  of the hump and the double peak-like feature around the top of humps, 
  however we cannot discard the possibility that the features are only 
  the effect of noise (vsnet-campaign 253).
    The hump is still prominent and its profile continues to change. 
  More observations yields better light curve and detailed analysis. 

  V893 Sco		(RA = 16h14m45.26s, Dec = -28d39m30.3s)

    The fading (14.0mag) from the outburst which began on 19 June was 
  revealed by B. Monard's observation on 21 June (vsnet-campaign 242).
  The outburst was again a normal one.

*** Future schedule ***
  BL Lac campaign  (July 17 - August 11)

    Massimo Villata, Gino Tosti, and Enrico Massaro organize an 
  optical campaign on BL Lac contemporaneous with the high-energy 
  campaign involving X-ray and TeV observatories such as BeppoSAX, 
  RXTE, STACEE, CAT, HEGRA.  Their goal is high-density and 
  high-precision coverage, possibly in two optical bands (B and R).
  Observers interested in participating to this optical campaign are
  invited to contact with M. Villata (villata@to.astro.it).
                                                [vsnet-campaign 204]

*** General information ***

  LD 317
    more information, see 
	vsnet-campaign 244

  XTE J1118+480
    The accepted paper written by VSNET collaboration team is available at:
	vsnet-campaign 247
    The new light curve is available at:

  Supernova 2000cr
    more information, see IAUC 7443

  New vsnet-campaign sub-mailing lists were set up. 

(This summary is reproduction free.)

Makoto Uemura

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