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[vsolj-alert 785] EROS alert

From bennett@bustard.phys.nd.edu Fri Jun  9 12:35 JST 2000
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 22:10:19 -0500 (EST)
From: David Bennett <bennett@bustard.phys.nd.edu>
To: macho-alerts@lensing.astro.washington.edu
Subject: EROS-BLG-2000-5, Level-2 ALert
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Dear Colleagues-

   Observations by the Microlensing Planet Search (MPS) Collaboration
of on-going event EROS-BLG-2000-5 indicate a rapid brightening of the source 
star.  Tonights initial observation (JD 2451704.568) indicated a brightening 
of ~0.5 mag from observations taken JD 2451703.915.  Subsequent observations
show the source brightening by an additional 0.1 mag in 40 minutes, and
the source continues to brighten.

Immediate photometric and spectroscopic followup are suggested.

Event                         EROS BLG-2000-5
RA      (J2000)               17 53 11.5
DEC     (J2000)               -30 55 35
R_0                           17.2
V_0                           18.4

Finding charts and lightcurves are available from the EROS Alert page:

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