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[vsolj-alert 699] Possible Nova or CI Aql?


Dear Colleagues,

   We have received the following detection of a possible new nova or the
first-ever recurrent of the old "nova" CI Aql (1917).  Although Takamizawa's
object is less than 1 arcmin different from the cataloged CI Aql position,
it may be the recovery of the true CI Aql.  At the position of the literature
CI Aql, an eclipsing binary showing HeII and CIII/NIII lines was discovered
(IBVS 4338, 4332).  The identity od this object with Takamizawa's should
be checked.  If the identity of the HeII-emitting object is confirmed,
CI Aql may be a non-classical nova (such as V4641 Sgr).  Confirmatory
observations, field imaging, accurate astrometry, photometry, and potentially
X-ray pointing observations are most urgently requested.

From: Kesao Takamizawa <GHA07243@nifty.ne.jp>
Subject: Possible Nova or CI Aql?
To: dgreen@cfa.harvard.edu, tkato@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Dear Sirs,

I have found possible nova (mag.10.0) near CI Aql on unfiltered
T-Max 400 films taken on Apr. 28.669UT and 28.673UT (each five 
minutes exposures) with 0.10-mf/4 twin patrol cameras.
I have checked for known minor planets, but nothing is on there.
The position of possible nova as R.A.=18h52m02s.0 Decl.=-01d28'14"
(equinox 2000.0). No star is present at this location on 110 previous
patrol films taken from 1994 May 12 to 2000 Apr. 11.

Could you confirm this object?

Best wishes,
Kesao Tkamizawa 

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