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[vsolj-alert 685] 1E 1719.1-1946 at supermaximum?


From: Patrick Schmeer <p.schmeer@mx.uni-saarland.de>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 4651] 1E 1719.1-1946 at supermaximum?

The dwarf nova 1E 1719.1-1946 was still bright (mag 15) on an
unfiltered CCD image taken with the IRO on Apr. 20.435 UT, and
I would bet several million dollars (if I had them) that the
current outburst is a supermaximum.
The only previously observed outburst was detected by me on a 
1999 Oct. 11.098 (UT) IRO image (vsnet-alert 3571), but contrary
to the current brightening this previous one was very short.
SIMBAD coordinates for 1E 1719.1-1946: 17:22:04.1 -19:49:09 (J2000.0)
For a finding chart see P. Hertz et al. ApJ 364, 251-258 (1990).
This CV is included in DS93 and DWS97 as 'Oph 2'.
A VSNet comparison star chart is available (vsnet-chart 205).
Also available is a sequence by Arne Henden at
Time-resolved photometry during the current outburst is urgently
Clear skies,

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