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[vsolj-alert 654] LBQS 1432-0033 rare outburst

 にはMEI/NEKOさん向きの天体か (^^; また、黄道にも近いのでサーベイ写真など

 なお、VSOLJ/VSNETでは、これまで 1432-0033 という名称で報告されています。
 静穏光度は 18.5等です。

Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 15:40:23 +0200
From: Patrick Schmeer <p.schmeer@mx.uni-saarland.de>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 4571] LBQS 1432-0033 rare outburst

LBQS 1432-0033  (UG)
This CV is currently undergoing its second ever recorded outburst.
On unfiltered CCD images taken with the IRO the object is faint on
Apr. 4.378 UT, rising on Apr. 5.376 UT, and at mag 14-15 on Apr.
6.378 UT (more accurate results hopefully before Monday). 
The only previously observed outburst was detected by Rod Stubbings
on 1999 May 10.446 UT at mv= 15.0 (vsnet-obs 20556, vsnet-alert 2965). 
That outburst lasted at least 10 days. Since no time-resolved photometry
was attempted it is not known whether the 1999 May event was a long
outburst of an SS Cyg-type dwarf nova or a supermaximum.

Astrometry by Arne Henden: 14:35:00.24 -00:46:05.8 (J2000.0)
A sequence by him is available, too.


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