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[vsolj-alert 612] Re: RX J0909.8+1849 possible outburst


Re: RX J0909.8+1849 possible outburst

   Elena Pavlenko <pavlenko@crao.crimea.ua> has provided the most recent
photometry of the object, which safely precludes the outburst activity.

> Now we measured its magnitudes and have got:
> (for 25/26.03): B=16.9, V=16.4, R=15.1 for uneclipsed light.
> I don't know its brightness in the real low state.

   Visual observartions on Mar. 26 have not been able to confirm the
outburst.  The reported brightness variation may have been caused by
the quiescent activity.

Taichi Kato

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