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[vsolj-alert 575] HadV46 to vsnet-alert

HadV46 to vsnet-alert


HadV46 astrometry and photometry

  Message from Hitoshi Yamaoka:

  I have done astrometry of HadV46 with Kyoto image taken on Mar. 14.9
UT with GSC-ACT references, then found that the object locates at
18h34m03s.16, -14o45'11".46 (J2000.0), which is not coincident to
USNO0750.13650086 (which is suggested to be identified with HadV46 in
vsnet-alert 4381).  The accuracy is below 1".  The nearest USNO star
is about 3" apart from this location:

USNO0750.13648719 183402.899 -144511.66 (2000.0) 15.8 18.0

  It is possible that this object is nova, new CV, or the other sort
of exploding star.  Further observation is extremely encouraged.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Makoto Uemura, Taichi Kato


  Further to add:

  Unfiltered CCD photometry by the Kyoto team based on Tycho star has
confirmed that the object is NOT red.  The large amplitude of variability
suggests some sort of eruptive or cataclysmic variable (including a nova).

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  19980816.522  <133p  (K. Haseda)
  19981108.403  <133p  (K. Haseda)
  19990219.822  <133p  (K. Haseda)
  19990322.782  <131p  (K. Haseda)
  19990831.483  <130p  (K. Haseda)
  20000206.844  120p  (K. Haseda)
  20000305.810  106p  (K. Haseda)
  20000313.816  116p  (K. Haseda)
  20000313.819  116p  (K. Haseda)
  20000314.855  11.24C  (Ouda team)

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