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[vsolj-alert 557] (fwd) SS433 long-look observation with ASCA -- call for observations!

(fwd) SS433 long-look observation with ASCA -- call for observations!

 (注:SS433 = V1343 Aql, 13.5等ぐらいで現在は明け方の天体)


From: nkawai@postman.riken.go.jp
Subject: SS433 long-look observation with ASCA 
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 16:50:31 +0900

Dear Colleagues,

The ASCA long-look observation of SS433 has been scheduled from 22
Mar, 2000 (0:00 UT) to 4 Apr, 2000 (0:00 UT).  I am writing here to
request you to join the multiwavelength campaign simultaneously or
contemporaneously with the ASCA observations.  This is truly a unique
opportunity to monitor the activity of this interesting system for the
duration of an entire orbital period in X-ray with good sensitivity
and energy resolution.

The X-ray light curve for the last one year taken by RXTE ASM
(http://space.mit.edu/XTE/ASM_lc.html) shows that SS 433 went into an
active very variable phase in last October or November.  It is 
now quite important to compare the activities in X-ray with optical
photometry (accretion disk luminosity) and radio (jet ejection power).

Due to the unfortunate loss of ASTRO-E, reorganization of the ASCA
long-look programs has been discussed, but the schedule for SS 433 is
not affected.  Of course the opportunity to obtain the very high
resolution spectra with ASTRO-E was lost, but I believe long-look
X-ray observation with good multiwavelength coverage, in particular,
with optical spectroscopy, photometry, and radio flux
monitoring/mapping will present us a comprehensive picture of SS 433
for the first time.

I will try to coordinate the observations and facilitate the exchange
of information among the collaborators for the duration of the
campaign.  We, the Japanses ASCA team members in this collaboration,
also plan to analyze the data as they become available, and share the
result with you.

Please let me know if you plan observations of SS 433 for the
March-April period.

With best regards,

Nobuyuki Kawai

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