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[vsolj-alert 552] MKN501 etc.

From mattox@gamma.bu.edu Fri Mar  3 07:08 JST 2000
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 17:07:06 -0500
From: John Mattox <mattox@gamma.bu.edu>
To: webt_distribution@gamma.bu.edu
Cc: Chiharu TANIHATA <tanihata@astro.isas.ac.jp>,
        Tadayuki Takahashi <takahasi@astro.isas.ac.jp>, rmujica@inaoep.mx
Subject: WEBT campaigns for Mrk 501 and IDV study
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Dear WEBT Collaborator,

The WEBT is now beginning two campaigns, one for Mrk 501, and the second,
a study of radio/optical IDV.

ASCA began an x-ray observation of Mrk 501 yesterday which
will continue till Mar 11, 00:00 UT. Simultaneous optical
coverage for this entire interval with sub-hour time resolution 
could be very valuable. Stefan Wagner will coordinate this, see
for updated details.
My colleague, Svetlana Marchenko will be observing MRK 501 on the
Perkins beginning tonight.

Please refer to Stefan's note which I will sent next by e-mail for 
details of the Mrk 501 campaign and the IDV campaign.

The IDV campaign runs from now until the beginning of April.
It will attempt full coverage at radio- and optical wavelengths 
between March 8 and March 24. The aim is to search for correlated
IDV (intra-day variation) at radio and optical frequencies to settle 
this important question. See
for updated details.

I will be using the Perkins on the nights of 3/11-24 UT to participate
in the IDV campaign. I have agreed to coordinate optical coverage
in the Western hemisphere during this interval (during times when Stefan 
is not available). I suggest that we work together to try to insure
that 0716+714, 0954+658, 1749+701, and 2007+777 all get optical coverage at 
least as dense as in the optical as the radio if possible, and to 
concentrate effort on just 0716+714, or 0716+714 and 0954+658
if they can't all be covered well.

I have posted a web page for 0954+658 which numerates
reference stars and gives R and B magnitude differences, see:

John Mattox

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