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[vsolj-alert 536] Possible Nova Sgr

Possible Nova Sgr


Possible Nova in Sgr

   According to IAUC 7362, Yukio Sakurai discovered a possible nova
in Sgr.

   17h 55m 09s.84  (J2000.0, Y. and R. Kushida)
   -19o 46' 01".0

     mag 11.5 (Jan. 25.863, Sakurai, prediscovery)
         10.5 (Feb.  4.863, Sakurai, discovery)
         10.4CCD (Feb. 6.812, Y. and R. Kushida)

   Spectroscopic and photometric observations are strongly encouraged.
The region seems to be slightly obscured by molecular clouds.  So the it
may be moderated reddened.

   We will prepare a WWW page probably within a day.

Taichi Kato

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