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[vsolj-alert 520] SN? in NGC 4725

SN? in NGC 4725

 またまた近傍銀河に超新星か? 山岡さんの情報に期待です(正月早々すみませ
 ん ^^;)

Date:  Fri, 31 Dec 1999 14:08:46 -0500
From: David Bishop <dbishop@vhdl.org>
Subject:  New supernova in NGC 4725

LOSS just posted the discovery of a new Supernova, which will
probably get the name 1999gr, on their web page.  The information
on this SN is at:

At mag 19.3 it's a very dim Sn in a very bright galaxy
(NGC 4725 is a mag 9.2 galaxy).  1969H and 1940B were also discovered
in this galaxy (the third SN in this galaxy turned out to be a
foreground star).

This also marks supernova discovery #200 for the year 1999.

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