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[vsolj-alert 516] SN1999gq

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Subject: [vsnet-alert 3862] Spectroscopy of SN 1999gq
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Spectroscopy of SN 1999gq

Dear colleagues,

I have posted the following report to CBAT.

SUPERNOVA 1999gq IN NGC 4523
     K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO), and H. Yamaoka,
Kyushu University, report: "We obtained a wide-band spectrum (range
400-800 nm; resolution 0.6 nm) of SN 1999gq with the BAO 1.01-m
reflecter on Dec. 26.84 UT.  It shows that the supernova is of type-II
in the early phase, with a broad P-Cyg H-alpha profile and H-beta
absorption on a blue continuum.  Adopting the NED recession velocity
for NGC 4523 (260 km/s), the expansion velocity of the supernova,
derived from H-alpha absorption minimum, is 7800 km/s.  Other broad
absorption features are seen at 580, 559, 510, 495 nm on the rest
frame of the host galaxy."

Best regards,

Kazuya Ayani
Bisei Astronomical Observatory

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