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[vsolj-alert 507] GRB991217



Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:24:32 +0100 (NFT)
From: "Luigi Piro, BeppoSAX Mission Scientist" <piro@ias.rm.cnr.it>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3833] BeppoSAX GRB Alert: GRB991217

BeppoSAX GRB Alert: GRB991217

On Dec.17, 04:12:20 UT a faint X-ray rich event with a marginal
detection in GRBM (GRB991217) was detected  by BeppoSAX WFC2.

  Preliminary coordinates from WFC are:
  R.A.(2000)= 345.867
  DEC (2000)= 0.228

  with an error radius of about 6'. The position error is the standard
  statistics+systematics, but the  satellite was in testing mode, so the
  estimate is very preliminary. For the  same technical reason an NFI
  observation is not being planned.

Giangiacomo Gandolfi on behalf of
BeppoSAX Mission Scientist

 Luigi Piro                        | E-mail:
 Istituto Astrofisica Spaziale     |              piro@ias.rm.cnr.it
 C.N.R.                            | SAX program: saxsci@ias.rm.cnr.it 
 Via Fosso del Cavaliere           | phone: -39-06-4993-4007 
 I-00133 Roma                      | phone BeppoSAX center: -39-06-4079-6393
 Italy                             | fax(CNR)  : -39-06-20660188

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