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[vsolj-alert 505] GRB 991208

GRB 991208

 GCNからの情報ですが、かなり明るいoptical counterpartが発見されています。

NUMBER:  452
SUBJECT: GRB 991208 optical observations
DATE:    99/12/11 13:27:36 GMT
FROM:    Alberto Castro-Tirado at Inst.de Astrofisica de Andaluciaajct@iaa.es  <ajct@iaa.es>

GRB 991208, optical observations

Alberto Castro-Tirado, LAEFF-INTA (Madrid) and IAA-CSIC (Granada)
Javier Gorosabel, LAEFF-INTA (Madrid) and Univ of Amsterdam (UoA)
Jochen Greiner, AIP (Potsdam)
Holger Pedersen, KUO (Copenhagen)
Elena Pian, ITESRE (Bologna)
Paul Vreeswijk (UoA)
on behalf of a larger European Collaboration
Chris Blake and Gavin Dalton (Oxford Univ. and INT Group, La Palma)
Georg Feulner and Ulrich Hopp, Universitat Sternwarte (Hamburg and
Nick Rattenbury (Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand)


"We have obtained several exposures of the IPN error box for
GRB 991208 (Hurley et al. GCN 450) with the 2.5-m Isaac Newton
telescope at La Palma and with the 2.2-m telescope at the German-
Spanish Calar Alto Observatory.  The images were taken on Dec 10.27
(I-band) and Dec 11.25 UT (R- and I-band filters).
After a visual comparison with the Digital Sky Survey, a new source
is clearly detected with R = 19.1 +/- 0.1 (Dec 11.27). Its position
is AR(2000) = 16h 33m 53.51s, Dec(2000) = +46 27 21.5 (+/- 1"). We note
that this object coincides with the radio source reported by Frail et
(GCN 451) and therefore is the optical afterglow to GRB 991208. Further
multiwavelength imaging and spectroscopy are encouraged. A finding
chart will be posted at http://vsnet.laeff.esa.es/~ajct/GRBs/GRB991208";

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