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[vsolj-alert 453] XTE J1859+226 HST/RXTE observations

XTE J1859+226 HST/RXTE observations

 HST, RXTE のこの後の観測予定です。今度は日本で観測できる時間には当たって

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:54:02 +0100 (BST)
From: Carole A Haswell <C.A.Haswell@open.ac.uk>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3605] XTE J1859+226 HST/RXTE observations

Thanks very much to everyone who observed XTE J1859+226
as a result of our previous alerts.

Further HST/RXTE observations of this source (most likely an
accretion disk emptying into a black hole) are scheduled 
and coordinated multiwavelength observations (simultaneous, 
near-simultaneous, and following the evolution over days/weeks) 
would be extremely helpful.

Visit	Targets		Start UT		End UT
-----	-------		--------		------
2	J1859+226       Oct 27 1999 19:38:21	Oct 27 1999 23:43:20
3	J1859+226       Nov 6 1999 19:37:07	Nov 6 1999 22:20:06

If you can observe simultaneously with HST and/or XTE, high time-resolution
data (< 10 seconds) will be particularly useful. 

Details of the target are given in IAU circs 7274, 7276, 7279, 7284.
The coordinates are R.A. = 18h58m41s.51, Decl. = +22o39'30".2 (J2000.0).
Garnavich et al. (IAUC 7276) give a finder chart at 

If you have questions please contact Sylvain Chaty (S.Chaty@open.ac.uk), 
Carole Haswell (C.A.Haswell@open.ac.uk), or Rob Hynes (rih@astro.soton.ac.uk).

               Many thanks,

                        Carole Haswell

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