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[vsolj-alert 425] XTE J1859+226: variable radio counterpart

XTE J1859+226: variable radio counterpart


From: "Robert M. (Bob) Hjellming" <rhjellmi@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject: The variable radio counterpart of XTE J1859+226


   Now that the radio counterpart of XTE J1859+226 has been observed
by the Ryle Telescope and the VLA on three different days, it is clear
that it is a variable radio source.  Three days data in radio light curves
and the
evolving radio spectrum over two days can be viewed by accessing the
following web page:


On Oct. 13.06 UT it was optically thick but by Oct. 14.11 UT it
was evolving to an optically thin state.  

It is more slowly variable than the recent very fast transient, XTE J1819-254
(=SAX J1819.3-2525=V4641 Sgr) but it is not clear yet what the time scale
for the event(s) will be, since that depends mainly on the optically thin 
decay rate.  The next VLA observation will not be until Oct. 16 UT.


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