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[vsolj-alert 392] TY Vul outburst

TY Vul outburst

 ほとんど増光の情報のないTY Vulのアウトバーストです。先ほど確認された模様
 トの報告がなく、これも増光のまれなSU UMa型の可能性があります。
 位置はDownes et al. で合っているとのことです。

From: Patrick Schmeer <extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 22:33:12 +0200 (CST)
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3434] TY Vul very probably in outburst

I have just found the dwarf nova TY Vul in (an extremely rare) outburst at mag 
15.7 on an unfiltered CCD image that was taken at my request on Sept. 1.235 UT. 
Previous images taken in early August with the same instrument do not show the  
Could anyone please confirm this brightening? 
And of course high-speed photometry should be attempted.
Best wishes,

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