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[vsolj-alert 387] Please check GR Ori

Please check GR Ori

 明け方ですが・・またまた確認指名が来ています (^^;

From: Patrick Schmeer <extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de>
Subject: GR Ori
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 06:18:36 +0200 (CST)

Dear Taichi,
this morning at dawn I observed the GR Ori field for the first time in 
several months, and I thought I saw a star of about mag 11.4 at the  
position of the variable. I went inside and checked my chart, but when
I had returned to the telescope the sky was already too bright.
Could you please ask T. Watanabe to check the field? I might have
confused GR Ori with the nearby mag 11.6 GSC star, but the position
of my object seemed to be closer to the variable. Anyway, I'll try
to observe the field again tomorrow morning (hopefully in a somewhat
darker sky).
This morning I also checked WX Cet; it was fainter than mag 13.1.
So it was either a normal outburst or no outburst at all.
Best wishes,

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