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[vsolj-alert 347] Possible fading of V854 Cen

  R CrB型のV854 Cenが減光を始めた可能性が指摘されています。

Possible fading of V854 Cen

Subject: [vsnet-obs 20928] V854 Cen Possible Fade

The bright RCB star V854 Cen may have commenced to fade as indicated by the
following observations.  

CENV854	990525.407	73	WPX
CENV854	990527.361	74	WPX
CENV854	990531.436	74	WPX
CENV854	990601.358	76	WPX
CENV854	990601.475	76	WPX

This suggestion may a little premature but V854 Cen has been at maximum for
a long time (by its own standards) and these observations co-incide with
the ephemeris for onset of declines as given by Warwack Lawson :
JD2447400.6 + 43.2n.  The observations for June 1st yields a phase of
0.958, well within the 5 day error margin given in Mon.Not.R.astr.Soc
(1992) 256, 339-348.

It is likely to be cloudy here for the next several days so other RCB
observers may like to pay close attention to V854 Cen over the coming days
to see if a deep decline in fact eventuates.  It is indeed a brave person
who would predict the onset of an RCB star decline at such an early stage!


Peter Williams

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