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[vsolj-alert 341] Nova Vel 1999 page

Nova Vel 1999 page

 VSNETに以下のページを作りました。Java interfaceは数時間中には使えるように

Nova Vel 1999 page

Dear Colleagues,

   We have set up VSNET Nova Vel 1999 page.  The Java real-time light curve
viewer and data search interface will be activated soon.

   In reporting your observations of Nova Vel 1999 to vsnet-obs, please use
the VSNET format like:

VELnova1999 990522.396 31 WPX P. Williams (discovery observation)

   This format will help automatically extracting the data for the Java
light curve viewer.

   The object name should be replaced by the final designation, after the
permanent name is given by the GCVS team.

Taichi Kato

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