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[vsolj-alert 320] Re: Possible SN in NGC 4179

Dear Coleagues,

Eric Benson wrote:

>There is a possible supernova in NGC4179 (12h 12m 52.2s  Dec:
>+018'00" Epoch 2000 ) about 1.5' NW from the core, glowing at about
>15m - 15.5m. Observation time 01h15 EDT (  05h15 UTC ).

I have checked with the minor planet checker, but no minor planet
brighter than 18 mag was there in 15' circle from NGC 4179 at May 11.3

>DSS image shows a star just off the edge of the galaxy in NW
>direction but I feel this star is too far from the core and too faint
>(by comparing it's intensity with the faintest stars on my drawing) to
>be the suspected SN.

The star he refers would be U0900_07145784 (USNO_r = 17.3, USNO_b =
20.4).  In addition, there are some field star in DSS2 image,
especially a 15-mag star at 12h12m50s.55, +01o18'23".2 (equinox
2000.0), which is about 21" west and 25" north (30" NW) from the
center of NGC 4179.  This star is not contained in USNO A1.0, but it
is detectable also on DSS1 image.  Other stars are somewhat fainter
than this star.

Though this star is nearer than he noted (1'.5 NW), it can be a star
he observed.  Please check it, Eric.

Sincerely Yours, 
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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