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[vsolj-alert 318] Possible SN in NGC 4179

Possible SN in NGC 4179

 いただければ幸いです。情報出所は isn_alert で、確認依頼の forward の許可は

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 03:58:24 -0400
From: Eric Benson <ericbenson@home.com>

There is a possible supernova in NGC4179 (12h 12m 52.2s  Dec: +018'00"
Epoch 2000 ) about 1.5' NW from the core, glowing at about 15m - 15.5m.
Observation time 01h15 EDT (  05h15 UTC ). Observed using a 16"f/5
Newtonian reflector (object is visible at 300x and 500x magnification)
from a site near Ottawa, Ontario (45d15' N  76d15'36'' W). I was making
a drawing of the galaxy when I noticed a smal knot to the left of the
nucleus. DSS image shows a star just off the edge of the galaxy in NW
direction but I feel this star is too far from the core and too faint
(by comparing it's intensity with the faintest stars on my drawing) to
be the suspected SN. The suspected obect seemed to be in the glow of the
galactic disk just above the limit of perception

Eric Benson

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