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[vsolj-alert 295] Possible fading of U Aqr

Possible fading of U Aqr

 明け方に回ったちょっと特異なRCB型の U Aqr が見えなくなっているとの報告

From: "Danie Overbeek" <Danie.Overbeek@mail.global.co.za>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 06:55:55 +0000
Subject: [vsnet-obs 19995] Fade of U Aqr

This RCrB star which was 11.7 last season, seems
to have faded out of sight.  Dubious, due to
U Aqr 1999 04 06.1  <12.2
	  1999 04 07.1  < 12.2  OB

Cheers all

Danie Overbeek.

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