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[vsolj-alert 291] U Sco spectrum (Minari)

U Sco spectrum (Minari)


Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:11:35 +0100 (GMT+0100)
From: Ulisse Munari <munari@astras.pd.astro.it>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 2711] spectra of U Sco

the following statement has been submitted to IAU Circ.
I would like to join the choir singing congratulations 
to Patrick Schmeer !


  "0.1 nm/pix, 435-495 nm range spectra of U Sco were obtained 
   around UT February 26.14, 1999 with the B&C+CCD spectrograph 
   on the Asiago 1.22 m telescope. U Sco spectrum appears 
   completely dominated by wide emission blends which identification 
   is made uncertain by extreme broadness of the features (FWZI 
   from 8600 to 11000 km/sec). Probably present are NIII, CIII, CIV 
   and hydrogen emission lines. Presence of HeI and HeII lines is
   suspected too. Monitoring continues."

        A.Niedzielski, Center for Astronomy, Torun Univ., Poland
   T.Tomov & U.Munari, Padova and Asiago Astron. Obs., Italy

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