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[vsolj-alert 279] True CG CMa position?

True CG CMa position?

 昔にVSNET chart用に暗い時期のCG CMaを撮っていたことを思い出し、位置を測定
 してみましたところUSNOのカタログ位置にほぼ一致しました。Henden and Sumner

  Remembering that I once took a CCD image to calibrate the VSNET chart
of CG CMa (dated 1997 Dec. 27), I obtained the following astrometry of the
"quiescent" (and is what I thought as that time) counterpart of CG CMa.

  The result is

  07h 04m 05s.01  (J2000.0)
  -23o 45' 34".8

  which agrees with the USNO coordinate within 1 arcsec.  It seems that
the presently outbursting star is different from this object (offset now
unexplainable by proper motion from the POSS epoch).  I suspect the true
CG CMa is an unseen companion (on the POSS) to the previously suggested
quiescent counterpart.

Taichi Kato

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