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[vsolj-alert 265] TU Crt (super)outburst!

TU Crt (super)outburst!

  SU UMa型矮新星のTU Crtがアウトバーストしているようです(星図作成中に発見

From: "Bruce Sumner" <bas@bom.gov.au>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 23:28:24 +1100
Subject: [vsnet-chat 1642] Outburst of TU Crt

TU Crt is in outburst. Arne Henden, Flagstaff Observatory, 
reports this UGSU variable at approx. magnitude 12.5V on 
February 14 at about 1200 UTC. This may be a superoutburst.
Bruce Sumner

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