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[vsolj-alert 216] WX Cet superhumps

WX Cet superhumps

 WX Cetに待望のスーパーハンプ出現です。昨晩で振幅 0.18 等でした。

WX Cet clear superhumps (Ouda team)

   We (K. Matsumoto, D. Nogami, T. Kato) observed WX Cet using a 25-cm rooftop
telescope and an unfiltered ST-7 CCD on November 12 night.  Preliminary
reduction has revealed the clear apperance of superhumps (amplitude 0.18 mag),
truly qualifying the present outburst as a genuine superoutburst.  A rough
period analysis gives 0.060 +/- 0.001 day for the superhump period.
More detailed results will become available later today.

K. Matsumoto,
D. Nogami,
T. Kato

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