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[vsolj-alert 137] XTE J2012+381 optical photometry and spectra

XTE J2012+381 optical photometry and spectra


From: garcia@cfa219.harvard.edu (Mike Garcia)
Subject: [vsnet-alert 0] XTE J2012+381 optical photometry and spectra

Dear Colleauges:  Attached is an item on XTE J2012+381 
which we have submitted to the IAUC.
-Mike Garcia


XTE J2012+381

M.R. Garcia, J.E. McClintock, P. Berlind, and E. Barton report:

Spectra and photometry of the proposed counterpart to XTE J2012+381
(Wagner etal, IAUC 6920) with the Mt. Hopkins 1.5m and 1.2m show that
this star is a heavily reddened M-giant.  Photometry on the night of
28~May (7:30 UT - 11:16 UT), finds V=19.7 +/- 0.2, R=16.3 +/- 0.1, and
I=12.2 +/= 0.1, with no detected variability.  The apparent
brightening described in IAUC 6920 is most probably an artifact of the
extreme red colors and the miss-match in the bandpasses of the LONEOS
images (which used an unfiltered CCD) and the DSS images.  Neither our 
photometry nor that in IAUC 6920 provide any evidence that this star
is the counterpart to XTE J2012+381.

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