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[vsolj-alert 132] V2051 Oph: detection of superhumps

V2051 Oph: detection of superhumps

 V2051 OphのMEI/NEKOさんのCCD観測から0.0642日周期のスーパーハンプが
 検出され、これまで分類に議論のあったこの天体が食を伴う貴重なSU UMa型
 矮新星の仲間入りをしました。以下 vsnet-alert から。

From: Seiichiro Kiyota <skiyota@abr.affrc.go.jp>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 19:42:09 +0900
Subject: [vsnet-alert 1819] Superhump of V2051 Oph was detected

Dear observers,

PDM analysis by Kato using CCD observation by Kiyota on May 20-22 (posted to 
indicates that superhump period of V2051 Oph is around 0.0642d.

This period is a little bit longer than orbital (eclispse) period.
So, we conclude that V2051 is one of member of UGSU (SU UMa type).

                                    Seiichiro Kiyota and Taichi Kato

 Seiichiro Kiyota  skiyota@abr.affrc.go.jp
 Laboratory of Stress Physiology
 Department of Plant Physiology
 National Insititute of Agrobiological Resources

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