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[vsolj-alert 80] CI Cam radio jets

CI Cam radio jets


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 13:46:58 -0600
From: "Robert M. Hjellming (Bob)" <rhjellmi@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 1675] Image of the CI Cam Radio Jets (Hjellming)

To all of you that I have sent advanced, almost premature, information
during the early days of the CI Cam outburst:

In IAU Circular 6872 we reported that CI Cam was showing S-shaped
"corkscrews" of emission.  If you look at the Web page at URL


you can see a color version of the April 3.83 UT image made from
VLA 1.3cm data.

We have in hand four additional epochs of VLA images of its
SS433-like rotating corkscrew of emission, and may get another 
one this afternoon, if it is not too weak now.  The radio 
emission is moving out very fast, 54 mas/day on average. 
For some components, like the initial ejecta seen in the outer 
extremes of the April 3 image, I think the motion was more like 
85 mas/day.  Thus the 0.15c for a distance of 1 kpc was too small 
by a factor of at least 2-2.5.  The corkscrew behavior fits
with v in the range 0.3c to 0.4c (if the distance is 1 kpc).

Amy Mioduszewki has made a VLBA image from April 1st data, and
we see a core source with a jet in the "right" direction.  The
April 5 VLBA images should be even more interesting.

Cheers, Bob

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