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[vsolj-alert 66] Note on CI Cam (Re: XTE J0421+560)

Note on CI Cam (Re: XTE J0421+560)

 X線新星XTE J0421+560の誤差円に入っている共生星?としてカタログされている
 CI Cam(もちろんX線源との同定はまだ不明)の文献調査の結果、以下のことが

    More information on the known variable star, CI Cam, which is located
within the new error circle of XTE J0421+560.  Our library has fortunately
received the original article on CI Cam: Odessa Astronomical Publications,
7, part 1, p. 76 by A. S. Miroshnichenko (anat@gaoran.spb.su).

    According to this literature, spectroscopy of the B[e] star MWC 84
= CI Cam revealed absorption features typical for late-type stars.
Photometric observations revealed 11.7-d periodicity with an amplitude
of 0.3 mag.  The best fit for the SED is B0V + G8II plus a dense gas
and dust shell.

    Hope this information would help for further investigations.

Taichi Kato

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