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[vsolj-alert 31] (fwd) Brightening of variable in front of NGC 5128 (=N5128V0017)

(fwd) Brightening of variable in front of NGC 5128 (=N5128V0017)


From owner-vsnet-obs@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Sat Jan 31 16:57 JST 1998
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Subject: [vsnet-obs 9562] variable in front of NGC 5128
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G'day all,

Another brightening of the variable star in front of NGC 5128
(Centaurus A):

1998 Jan 26 15:46UT    mag 12.1
1998 Jan 30 16:24UT    mag 10.3
Chart & sequence from Supernova Search Charts (Thompson & Bryant).

Additional information:

A previous brightening to mag 10.5 was detected on 1996 Feb 24.  That
event lasted for several days and was mistaken for a supernova by many
observers (including me!)  A genuine SNI would peak at ~10.0.

The star's position is 13h25.5m -43d02' (2000); which is ~80" south of
the centre of NGC 5128 and well inside the visible body of this galaxy.
It is shown as a 12th mag star on the Thompson & Bryant chart.

The GCVS volume 5 lists a suspected variable at 13h22m26s -42d45'16"
(1950) with a maximum of 12.2V.  GUIDE 6.0 shows no asteroids brighter
than 15th mag within a degree of NGC 5128.

I suspect this star may be a dwarf nova (or novalike var) of long
period.  Further observations (current and historical) are encouraged.

Fraser Farrell

http://vsnet.dove.net.au/~fraserf/  email: fraserf@dove.net.au
traditional: PO Box 332, Christies Beach, SA 5165, Australia

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