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[vsnet-id 789] Re: M1 Group

Dear Adolfo,

  Thank you very much for your kindest welcome at Valencia!  

> The chart AO Tau has error the position.

  The most probable identification of AO Tau is:

USNO-A2.0    04:49:44.583 +28:20:29.29 r=12.5, b=16.0
2MASS        04:49:44.60  +28:20:29.4  J=7.314 H=6.463 Ks=5.980

, which is about 1' east of the nominal position of AO Tau (4:49:40,
+28:20.6 (J2000.0)).  The VSNET chart correctly point this star as AO

  The AAVSO chart seems to point the below star as AO Tau errornously;

GSC 1843.128 04:49:41.57  +28:20:16.4  p=14.96
= USNO-A2.0  04:49:41.575 +28:20:16.52 r=13.2 b=14.9
= 2MASS      04:49:41.60  +28:20:16.5  J=12.262 H=11.862 Ks=11.778


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