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[vsnet-campaign-sn 716] SNe information from IAUC 8231

SN2003ja  20031007.4 <190:C  KAI
SN2003ja  20031022.4  171:C  KAI
SN2003ja  20031023.4  171:C  KAI

# SN 2003ja (2:12:11.81, +44:34:20.8 (J2000.0), offset = 6"W, 14"N) is
# hosted by NGC 846, a barred-spical galaxy.  The SN is superimposed
# on the northern inner arm.  There are some foreground stars around
# the galaxy.  The UCB team has revealed that it is probably a young
# SN II (Oct. 23 spectrum).  

SN 2003hr:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 683] (Sep. 3!):
>SN2003hr  20030402.0  <195:C  Bol
>SN2003hr  20030831.16  168:C  Bol
>SN2003hr  20030901.150 168:C  Bol
># SN 2003hr (8:24:39.06, +73:24:23.3 (J2000.0), offset = 48"W, 20"S)
># is hosted by NGC 2551, a spiral (SA(s)0/a) galaxy.  The expected
># maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 14.2 (!), but it seems not
># the case.

  The UCB team showed that it is a type II SN, several months after
maximum (Oct. 23 spectrum).  

SN 2003ix:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 714] (Oct. 21):
>SN2003ix  20030407.1 <195:C  KAI
>SN2003ix  20031019.5  188:C  KAI
>SN2003ix  20031020.5  188:C  KAI
># SN 2003ix (7:14:25.72, +55:08:53.4 (J2000.0), offset = 7"W, 1"S) is
># hosted by UGC 3746, a spiral (Sb) galaxy within a group (or cluster)
># of galaxies.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about
># 16.9. 

  The UCB team also revealed that it is a type Ia SN, a few weeks
after maximum (Oct. 23 spectrum).  

SN 2003iy:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 715] (Oct. 23):
>SN2003iy  20030715.0  <185C  KIt
>SN2003iy  20031020.387 168C  KIt
>SN2003iy  20031022.364 169C  KIt
># SN 2003iy (16:21:43.22, +55:05:05.2 (J2000.0), offset = 8"E, 4"S) is
># hosted by NGC 6143, a spiral (SAB(rs)bc:) galaxy.  The new object is
># superimposed on the disk.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is
># mag about 15.9, based on the NED recession velocity (5310 km/s).
># Note that RC3 has very smaller (1595 km/s) value.

  The UCB team revealed that it is a young type-II SN (Oct. 23

SN 2003iz:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 715] (Oct. 23):
>SN2003iz  20031004.4  <190:C  KAI
>SN2003iz  20031014.4   183:C  KAI
>SN2003iz  20031021.4   177:C  KAI
>SN2003iz  20031022.4   177:C  KAI
># SN 2003iz (1:02:06.75, +26:56:21.3 (J2000.0), offset = 18"E, 46"S)
># is hosted by UGC 638, a giant-elliptical (cD) galaxy which is the
># center of the cluster CID 04.  From the morphology of the host
># galaxy, it would be a type Ia SN, whose expected maximum is
># consistent with the discovery magnitudes.

  The UCB team (Oct. 23 spectrum) and the CfA team (Oct. 23.28
spectrum) showed that it is indeed a SN Ia, several days after maximum

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