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[vsnet-campaign-sn 705] SN information from CBET 48

SN2003iq  20031005.97  <175:CR  LLA
SN2003iq  20031008.958  164:CR  LLA
SN2003iq  20031009.60   160:R   BiS

observers: BiS: Bisei Astronomical Observatory

# SN 2003iq (1:59:19.92, +17:59:41.8 (J2000.0), offset = 5"E, 46"S)
# appears in the same spiral (SA(s)b) galaxy NGC 772 as SN 2003hl.
# At the discovery, the new object is slightly brighter than SN
# 2003hl.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia in this galaxy  
# is mag about 14.7.  Further observation and spectral classification
# is urged. 

SN2003hl  20031008.958  168CR  LLA

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