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[vsnet-campaign-sn 693] SN information from IAUC 8201

SN2003ia  20030602.0   <185C  KIt
SN2003ia  20030605.0   <180C  KIt
SN2003ia  20030915.422  172C  KIt
SN2003ia  20030916.411  173C  KIt

# SN 2003ia (16:17:41.17, +35:00:07.2 (J2000.0), offset = 8"E, 8"S) is
# hosted by NGC 6109, a lenticular (E/S0) galaxy.  The morphology of
# the host galaxy suggest that it would be a type Ia SN, whose
# expected maximum is consistent with the discovery magnitude.

SN2003ib  20030815.3 <185:C  KAI
SN2003ib  20030901.2  190:C  KAI
SN2003ib  20030911.2  179:C  KAI
SN2003ib  20030916.2  176:C  KAI
SN2003ib  20030917.2  175:C  KAI

# SN 2003ib (20:33:30.98, -24:37:15.0 (J2000.0), offset = 1"E, 10"N)
# is hosted by MCG -04-48-15, a spiral ((R)S(r?)b) galaxy.  There are
# several foreground stars around the host galaxy.  It is probably a
# member of a cluster Abell 3698.  If it is the case, the expected
# maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 16.3.

SN2003ic  20030902.4 <190:C  KAI
SN2003ic  20030916.4  176:C  KAI
SN2003ic  20030917.4  176:C  KAI

# SN 2003ic (0:41:50.23, -9:18:19.0 (J2000.0), offset = 2"W, 8"S) is
# hosted by MCG -02-2-86, a giant elliptical (cD;SB(r)0^0^ pec?)
# galaxy in a cluster Abell 85.  It is likely a SN Ia near maximum.
# There are many objects around the galaxy.

SN2003id  20030907.5 <185:C  KAI
SN2003id  20030916.5  167:C  KAI
SN2003id  20030917.5  167:C  KAI

# SN 2003id (2:21:35.70, -5:31:51.0 (J2000.0), offset = 11"W, 35"S) is
# hosted by NGC 895,  a nearby spiral (SA(s)cd) galaxy.  The expected
# maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 14.2, so it seems to be a
# gravitational-collapsed event and/or absorbed SN.

SN 2003hx:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 691] (Sep. 15)
> The ANU group revealed that it is truely a type Ia SN, near maximum
>on Sept. 13.78 UT.  

  An ESO spectrum taken on Sept. 15.4 UT suggest that it is affected
by significant dust extinction.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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