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[vsnet-campaign-sn 687] SNe information from IAUC 8198

SN2003hw  20030219.2 <190:C  KAI
SN2003hw  20030908.5  183:C  KAI
SN2003hw  20030910.5  183:C  KAI

# SN 2003hw (3:01:50.02, +35:44:36.4 (J2000.0), offset = 3"E, 2"N) is
# hosted by 2MASX J03014982+3544343, a small galaxy located at 1'
# west-northwest of UGC 2491.  The host galaxy is probably a member of
# a cluster Abell 407 (v_r = 13850 km/s), on the other hand UGC 2491
# is a foreground galaxy (v_r = 4875 km/s).  

SN 2003hv:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 686] (Sep. 11):
>  The discovery magnitude (and that it rose about 0.5 mag during 8
>days) suggest that it is a type Ia SN near maximum.  David Bishop's
>page mentioned that it is indeed of type Ia.  The follow-up
>photometries are encouraged for this bright object.

  The Carnegie Observatories team revealed that it is of type Ia near
maximum (Sept. 10.36 UT spectrum).

SN 2003ho:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 677] (Aug. 26):
>SN2003ho  20030710.08  <185CR  MLF
>SN2003ho  20030731.796  186:C  MLF
>SN2003ho  20030825.795  188:C  MLF
># SN 2003ho (21:06:30.56, -48:07:29.9 (J2000.0), reported offset =
># 33"E, 15"S) is hosted by ESO 235-G58, an open barred-spiral
># ((PR?)SB:(rs:)cd:) galaxy.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia
># is mag about 15.5, so it is possibly an old SN or/and a collapsing
># event. 

  The Carnegie Observatories team also revealed that it is a normal
type II SN about 1 month old on Sept. 7.04 UT.

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