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[vsnet-campaign-sn 678] SN 2003hn in NGC 1448

Dear SN watchers,

  According to IAUC 8186, R. Evans discovered a bright (mag ~ 14) SN
in southern galaxy NGC 1448.  It seems to be a young
gravitational-collapsed event. 

  SN 2003hn was discovered on Aug. 25.70 UT at visual mag 14.1.  On
Aug. 5, there was no object brighter than 15.5.  The position of a
object, measured with CTIO images is:
  R.A. = 3h44m36s.1
  Decl. = -44o37'49" (J2000.0, uncertainty = 1-2")
, which is about 47" east and 53" north of the nucleus of NGC 1448, a
nearby spical (SAcd: sp) galaxy.  It is superimposed on the outer disk
region, and there is a bright H II region near the SN.  Reported
brightness of SN 2003hn are: 

Aug. 25.74  14.2:C  (G. Bock, Australia)
Aug. 26.32  14.36V, B-V = +0.21, U-B = -0.87 (CTIO)

  NGC 1448 has produced two other SNe.  SN II 1983S was discovered
(also by R. Evans) at mag 14.5.  SN Ia 2001el reached mag about 12.5.
SN 2003hn seems not in a rapid rising phase, and its color is not very
blue, which may suggest that it is a somewhat young 
gravitational-collapse event.  The spectrum obtained by the ANU group
revealed that it is a type II SN about two weeks after explosion
(communicated by D. Bishop).  

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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