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[vsnet-campaign-sn 667] SNe information from IAUC 8175

SN2003gv  20030124.2 <195:C  KAI
SN2003gv  20030806.5  184:C  KAI
SN2003gv  20030807.5  184:C  KAI

# SN 2003gv (1:08:53.18, +32:05:59.3 (J2000.0), offset = 11" due east)
# is hosted by MCG +05-3-66, an apparent spiral (S?) galaxy.  A
# relatively bright foreground star is located at about 15" WNW of the
# center of MCG +05-3-66.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is
# mag about 17.5.  

SN 2003gt: 
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 665] (Aug. 1):
>SN2003gt  20030713.4 <190:C  KAI
>SN2003gt  20030729.4  164:C  KAI
># SN 2003gt (20:32:59.12, +9:52:19.3 (J2000.0), offset = 5"E, 5"S) is
># hosted by NGC 6930, a nearly edge-on barred-spiral (SB(s)ab? sp)
># galaxy.  The companion galaxy exists is located superimposed on the
># northern part of the disk.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia
># is mag about 16.0.

  A spectrum taken by the UCB team on Aug. 5 UT revealed that it is 
indeed a type Ia SN near maximum.  

SN 2003gu:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 666] (Aug. 4)
>SN2003gu  20030721.0   <185C  ARM
>SN2003gu  20030803.051  172C  ARM
>SN2003gu  20030803.965  172C  ARM
># SN 2003gu (23:02:59.45, +34:43:19.6 (J2000.0), offset = 1"E, 18"S)
># is hosted by UGC 12331, a dim spiral (S?) galaxy.  There is a
># foreground star (red mag about 17) at about 19"E and 5"S of the
># nucleus of UGC 12331.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag
># about 16.3.   

  The UCB team also revealed that it is a young type II (possibly type
IIb) supernova, based on a spectrum taken on Aug. 5 UT.

SN2003gs  20030801.24  130J  CAC
SN2003gs  20030802.22  135J  CAC
SN2003gs  20030802.22  131Ks CAC
SN2003gs  20030803.21  136J  CAC
SN2003gs  20030803.21  131Ks CAC
SN2003gs  20030804.21  136J  CAC
SN2003gs  20030804.21  130H  CAC
SN2003gs  20030804.21  130Ks CAC

Observer (new): 
CAC: Copernicus Astronomical Center (J. Mikolajewska and A. Szostek)

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