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[vsnet-campaign-sn 637] SN information from IAUC 8150

# SNe 2003fl - gb were discovered by the CFHT Legacy Survey (IAUC 8148-9).

# SNe 2002le and 2002lf were discovered by the NEAT team (IAUC 8149).
# SN 2003gc was also discovered by the NEAT team, whose maximum was
# around or before Feb 23.53 UT when it was mag about 17.2. (IAUC 8150)

SN2003gd  20030612.82  132  REv
SN2003gd  20030613.84  139R McN

# SN II 2003gd is discovered in M74, the same galaxy as 'hypernova' SN
# 2002ap.  The article about this object will be posted separately.

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