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[vsnet-campaign-sn 505] SN observation from IAUC 8016

SN2002hy  20021013.104 <180CR   MLF
SN2002hy  20021112.098  164:CR  MLF
SN2002hy  20021114.084  164:CR  MLF

# NGC 3464, a host galaxy of SN 2002hy (10:54:39.18, -21:03:41.2
# (J2000.0), offset = 15"W, 17"N), has also produced SN Ic 2002J 
# (reported brightest mag = 16.4) in this January (vsnet-alert 7079).
# NGC 3464 is an open spiral (SAB(rs)c) galaxy, and SN is superimposed
# on the inner northern arm.  
# There are several foreground stars superimposed or bright knots in
# the host galaxy.  The brightest one is mag 16 star about 1' WNW of
# the nucleus.  Another mag 17 object can be seen about 40" SSW of the
# nucleus. 
# It seems to be a rather bright core-collapse event (like as SN Ic)
# or a somewhat reddened SN Ia near the maximum light.  Conratulations
# for the discovery, Berto!  

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