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[vsnet-campaign-sn 477] SN Ia 2002fk

Dear SN watchers,

In [vsnet-alert 7494]:
>  The reported magnitudes suggest that it is in a rising phase.
>Typical SN Ia at maximum would be mag about 14.1 for this galaxy.
>Follow-up photometry and spectroscopic classification is urged.

Spectroscopy at Bisei confirmed that SN 2002fk is really of type Ia.
Following is a report submitted to IAU circular.

SUPERNOVA 2002fk in NGC 1309
     K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO) and H. Yamaoka,
Kyushu University, write: "A low-resolution spectrum (range 500-700
nm) of SN 2002fk (IAUC 7973), obtained with BAO 1.01-m telescope on
Sept. 20.7 UT, indicates that it is a type-Ia supernova before 
maximum light.  Adopting the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
recession velocity of 2135 km/s, the expansion velocity deduced from
Si II (rest 635.5 nm) is about 10900 km/s. 

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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