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[vsnet-campaign-sn 475] SN observation from IAUC 7973

SN2002fj  20020601.0  <170CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020912.12  158CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020913.12  156CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020914.122 155CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020915.108 155CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020916.122 156CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020917.118 159CR  MLF
SN2002fj  20020918.114 162CR  MLF

# NGC 2642, a host galaxy of SN 2002fj, is a barred-spiral (SB(r)bc)
# galaxy in a dawn sky.  SN is located at the east end of the bar, and
# just south of a foreground star (mag 13).  The expected maximum for
# typical SN Ia is mag about 15.5.  The reported fast decline is quite
# exceptional for SNe, so follow-up photometry and spectroscopy is
# very urged.

SN2002fk  20020206.50 <180:C  BAO
SN2002fk  20020915.84  157:C  BAO
SN2002fk  20020917.719 150C   KuR
SN2002fk  20020917.79  145:C  BAO

# An article for this bright SN will be posted to vsnet-campaign-sn
# separately. 

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