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[vsnet-campaign-sn 472] SNe observations from IAUC 7967

SN2002ez  20010906.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002ez  20021127.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020723.28  176C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020723.40  176C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020729.0   185C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020808.0   184C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020820.0   189C  PAL
SN2002ez  20020826.0   193C  PAL

# The host galaxy of SN 2002ez is 2MASXi J220205-135958, apparently a
# distant barred-spiral galaxy.  Reported offset was 4"E, 18" S, but
# if the reported position is correct, the offset toward south is as
# larger as 23".  There is a foreground star (rmag = 17.8 in
# USNO_A2.0) between SN and the galaxy.  

SN2002fa  20020701.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002fa  20020720.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002fa  20020803.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002fa  20020824.34  194C  PAL
SN2002fa  20020824.39  194C  PAL
SN2002fa  20020901.0   193C  PAL

# The host galaxy of SN 2002fa is an anonymous distant spiral galaxy. 

SN2002fb  20020831.4  <190:C  KAI
SN2002fb  20020906.4   171:C  KAI
SN2002fb  20020907.4   169:C  LNi

# NGC 759, the host galaxy of SN 2002fb, is a elliptical galaxy.  The
# CfA team has revealed that it is of type Ia near the maximum light
# on Sept. 7.5 UT, which is coincident to what is expected from the
# morphology of the host galaxy.  They say that it is possibly
# peculiar SN Ia, resembling a subluminous SN Ia 1991bg.  The expected
# maximum of typical SN Ia is mag about 15.9, which is brighter than
# the reported value, then the subluminous nature is also supported.

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