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[vsnet-campaign-sn 453] SN 2002ed in NGC 5468, the host galaxy of SN 2002cr

Dear SN watchers,

  Berto Monard discovered another SN than SN 2002cy.  The host galaxy
NGC 5468 also produced SN Ia 2002cr [vsnet-campaign-sn 418].  

  New SN is discovered on July 27.77 UT when it was mag about 16.5.
It was confirmed on July 28.70 UT with mag about 16.4.  The position
of SN 2002ed is reported as R.A. = 14h06m38s.2, Decl. = -5o27'29"
(2000.0), which is 55" east and 15" south of the center of a face-on
spiral (SAB(rs)cd) galaxy NGC 5468.  It was also detected on the KAIT 
images taken on July 24-29, but was not seen on July 23 image
(limiting mag 17.5) taken by Berto.  

  SN 2002cr was discovered this May in the same galaxy.  It was of
type Ia, and reached its maximum (mag about 14.2) around May 13.  It
can still be seen at mag about 17.8, so you can enjoy "double
explosion" for a while.  The discovery image can be seen at:


  NGC 5468 also produced SN Ia 1999cp.  So this galaxy is quite
profilic.  Such examples that 3 SNe in 3 calendar years are:

NGC 664   Sb:          SNe 1996bw, 1997W,  1999eb
NGC 6754  SAB(rs)bc    SNe 1998X,  1998dq, 2000do

All of them including NGC 5468 are open spiral galaxies, which is
active in star formation.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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