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[vsnet-campaign-sn 432] SN observation from IAUC 7911

SN2002cv  20020517.3  143H  UKI
SN2002cv  20020517.3  139K  UKI

In [vsnet-obs 39855]: 
># SN 2002cv occurred in the same galaxy as a bright SN 2002bo = NGC
># 3190.  The position of new SN is: R.A. = 10h18m03s.68, +21o50'06".2
># (2000.0), which is about 18" west and 10" north of the nucleus of
># the host galaxy.  SN 2002cv is highly reddened, and the spectrum
># shows that it seems to be a core-collapse SN soon after burst.

The infrared spectrum of SN 2002cv taken on May 22.3-23.3 at UKIRT
shows it is of type Ia around B maximum.  There is some resemblance
with intrinsically brighter SN Ia 1991T, though SN 2002cv is reddened
by A(V) about 6 mag.

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