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[vsnet-alert 3432] V893 Sco

Dear VSNETers,

In IBVS 4749, J.R. Thorstensen published his spectroscopy of 
V893 Sco, and the orbital period was derived. The interesting 
object has the orbital period below the period gap and shows 
quasi-periodic dwarf nova outbursts, but a superoutburst has 
not been detected yet for the object. Photometric monitorings
are encouraged.

We have just submitted a paper as for V893 Sco to A&A. This 
contains more precise orbital period, the discovery of 
an eclipsing nature of the object from our photometry, etc.. 
The duration suggests the eclipse is a grazing one. The object 
may be next to EX Hya. We also performed time-resolved Doppler 
tomography of the emission lines in the paper.

The preprint is available at

Sincerely yours,

Katsura Matsumoto
Ronald Mennickent
Taichi Kato

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