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[vsnet-alert 7321] SN 2002cr in NGC 5468

Dear SN watchers,

  A nearby SN is discovered by R. Kushida.  It seems to be rising, and
is expected to reach mag 14 if it is of type Ia.

  SN 2002cr is discovered on May 1.701 at mag 16.5 (unfiltered CCD),
and confirmed on the next night at mag 16.2.  The position is R.A. =
14h06m37s.59, Decl. = -5 26'21".9 (2000.0), which is about 40" east
and 50" north of the center of a face-on spiral (SAB(rs)cd) galaxy NGC
5468.  It locates the outermost disk region, near the faint northeast
arm of the galaxy.  Several foreground stars are superimposed on the

  Another SN 1999cp was appeared on the same galaxy.  It was of type
Ia, and its maximum was mag around 14.0.  The followup magnitude
estimates and the spectral confirmations are urged for this bright SN.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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