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[vsnet-alert 4310] Re: possible SN in NGC5303

Dear Tomita-san and all,

>I also checked DSS-2 R image and found a starlike object just inside
>of the northwest edge of NGC 5303.  It should be a foreground star.

Additional informations.  In DSS-1 or DSS-2 Bj images, this object is
buried under the glow of NGC 5303.  This supports that it would be a
red star.  The rough coordinate of this object, in WCS of DSS-2 image,
is: R.A. = 13h47m44s.39, Decl. = +38o18'19".5, which is about 2.8"
north and 8.1" west of the nucleus (not perfectly determined, though)
of NGC 5303.  

A faint star about 1" SE of NGC 5303 is GSC 0302700523 = USNO_A1.0
1275_08409823, which is about 39".9 east and 68".5 south of NGC 5303.
GSC_mag (near V) of this star is 15.20, and in USNO_A1.0, rmag = 15.2
and bmag = 16.6.  

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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